Question: Hallucinogens, including MDMA/ecstasy

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Hallucinogens, including MDMA/ecstasy
Common Data Elements
CDE Long NamePreferred DefinitionCDE ID
Timeline Followback Method Illicit Substance Hallucinogens MDMA/Ecstasy Assessment Yes No Indicatorthe yes/no indicator that asks whether the participant had used hallucinogens, including MDMA/ecstasy, LSD, acid, mushrooms, phencyclidine (PCP), rohypnol and Special K as part of the Timeline Followback Method assessment, a calendar-based measure for assessing self-reported retrospective daily estimates of alcohol, tobacco and/or illicit substance use.3703193
Valid Values
ValueValue MeaningDescriptionDisplay Order
NoNoThe non-affirmative response to a question.0
YesYesThe affirmative response to a question or activity.1