Instrument: Single-Question Screening Test - Self-Administered


The single-question screening test for drug use self-administered and answered by the patient.

The instrument identifies the numeric count of instances of maladaptive use of prescription drugs (substances obtained only by the order of legal medical professional) or illegal drugs (substances deemed as harmful and usually subject to legal restriction) during the last 365 days that may lead to social, occupational, psychological, or physical problems, as part of a person's medical background regarding health and the occurrence of disease events of the individual.

The Single-Question Screening Test was developed and published by Peter Smith, et al, 2010. The instrument is available for use in the public domain; research was supported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Validation testing of the self-administered version of the single-question screening test is on-going under Richard Saitz, MD.

Instrument Usage: 
Clinical Research
Electronic Health Record

Boston Medical Center Corporation (2012). Validation of self-administered single-item screening question (SISQ) for unhealthy drug use. (Unpublished report, Principal Investigator: Richard Saitz, MD).

Sample Form: 
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Single-Question Screening Test for Drug Use 3923795